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Althene “Whisper” Azshaer
Pronunciation: al-THEE-nee WHISP-er ASH-ear

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Age 46
Birth Year NRC 484
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Althene, or Whisper as she calls herself, could easily pass for a dark elf if she so chose. That is, to say, she has the dusky skin and long pointed ears that a dark elf is trademarked to have. However, to the trained eye, one would notice that her build is typically human and willowy. While she is by no means emaciated, she is slim, and prefers to keep herself lithe. Her ears often get her marked as a dark elf, though their length is shorter than an elf’s, revealing her as a half-elf. Considering her preference to hide her ears, she is generally thought to look like an attractive Flaim woman who is willowy, graceful, and has a self-assured look on her face. Her hair is short for the most part, although left long in the back and put into a loose tail that runs to her mid back. One of her most striking features are her mismatched eyes; the right is the light green of her father, and the left is the brown of her mother.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Black
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Light Green (R), Brown (L)
Build Svelte Skin Color Dusky

Clothing and Armor

    Considering her profession, Whisper doesn’t wear heavy armor, rather, she wears form fitting items, and items that can be used to blend into her surroundings. This includes a light leather tunic, tanned and dyed dark In coloration. Underneath she wears a simple cotton shirt died green in color. On her hands she wears leather fletcher gloves that allow for freedom of movement of her fingers, but protect her digits from getting injured from firing arrows. On her lower half, she wears dark leather breeches and knee high boots that have been tanned to allow for movement, and still be comfortable. On her back she wears a hooded cloak with a cowl, dyed a deep green in coloration. Also she wears a crimson headband, which she generally uses to cover her ears.

Weapon Description

    Whisper only has three weapons of note, two of which she rarely uses. Her primary weapon of choice is a long bow she keeps slung over her back. The only noteworthy thing about the bow is that the shaft has feathers inlaid as decoration, and the handle is decorated with sinew for added grip.

    At her waist hangs a crossbow, although its usually if someone is close enough to cause her long bow to lose some effectiveness, but long enough so that her long knife is totally ineffective.

    The final weapon she uses is more along the lines of a tool; a long knife she generally uses to skin and gut animals she kills in the wild, but in a pinch she can use it as a deflection tool.

Class Ranger
Occupation Tracker/Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (5)
Weapons Longbow, Crossbow, Long Knife, 24 Feathered Arrows, 6 Crossbow Bolts
Armor Leather gloves, leather tunic, leather breeches, leather boots
Equipment Clothing, fletching kit, tanning kit, extra rations, trap making tools, quiver
Familiar Gaav
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 12
AG 14
IN 12
LU 11
PB 16


    Whisper is an archer, and therefore, most skilled in the art of ranged fighting. She is not exceptionally strong, no more than necessary to fire a bow, or skin her kills. Whisper is highly agile, with a rather high endurance. When she gets in a fight, she intends to end it as quickly and directly as possibly by aiming for weak points on her enemy.

    She is most capable with her woodcraft; tracking, trapping, hunting. Whisper is also rather skilled in animal training.

    Whisper, while very close and in tuned with nature, has not actively trained her shamanism. Rather, it manifests itself in passive gleaning from her surroundings, and what increases the accuracy with her ranged weapons. As such, while she is a great shot, she may not cast shamanism spells.


    Whisper possesses an air of grace and neutrality; meaning, she seems cold at first glance due to her lack of tact with humans. In all honesty, while she will help most, she has a good distrust of humans, and generally finds companionship with animals more favorable than with a human. Never the less, she is generally good natured, and will help those she feels are in need. Her sense of justice and loyalty is a little warped; While she has no intention of betraying any king or lord, she doesn’t feel she has any loyalty to keep her to their service for longer than the contract states.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “Once I have you in my sights, it’s over.”, “Whisper... when you care enough to send the very best.”, “Whats the difference between us and animals? Animals won’t kill you for the gold in your pockets.”


    Althene Azshaer is one of the older children of Azala, and is probably one of the closest to come to terms with her own elven heritage. Ironically enough, she is also the one who chooses not to use it.

    Althene, or Whisper as the name she gives out, was born in Blade to a dancer who fell in love with Azala. When Azala left, Althene’s mother felt heartbroken, and then trapped when a few weeks later she found out she was pregnant. However, a Flaim knight was taken by her beauty, and proposed to her before she came visibly pregnant. While they were soon wed, she lied about the father, and the knight believed the offspring to be his. When she gave birth, however, the identity was quickly revealed.

    Perhaps if he had accepted the situation favorably, Whisper would have grown up as a noble’s daughter. Instead, he threw both mother and Althene out onto the street. Althene’s mother made due with various jobs, including less than reputable ones as a thief and a prostitute. When Althene was thirteen, however, her mother was slain by a cut purse. Rather than become a beggar, Althene left Blade, and went into the Wildlands. While survival proved to be a great deal tougher, the manifestation of her shamanism proved to allow her to survive in the wild.

    When she was old enough, she returned to Blade a full grown woman, although a bit more hostile to humans. While she sold the leather from various animals she had slain, she didn’t have enough to live in the city. Her job didn’t really come until she crossed a mother’s path. While Althene felt a bit of reluctance to help the woman, the woman’s plight of trying to find her child who had disappeared while out playing touched her. Althene, now calling herself Whisper, tracked the child down, and returned the child to the mother’s care. When she was payed for the act, she quickly discovered a secondary source of income while in a city.

    Perhaps she wouldn’t have joined the Mercenaries’ Guild, if not for their reluctance to accept her as competition. While at first she was a mild annoyance to their potential contracts, as time progressed, they found she undercut them at times, and proved to be somewhat costly for competition. While they thought about threatening her, they eventually settled on offering her guild membership. Surprisingly enough, she accepted. Even Whisper can’t say for sure why.

    While she found with her new source of income she could live comfortably enough, she became more aware of a question that had been forming in the back of her head. Her father. She had been always curious about elves, considering what she was, but Flaim wasn’t a place where elves gathered to often. Putting her guild membership on suspension, she gathered some funds, and began to track her father down. While she only had her mother’s description, she began to narrow her search. She quickly discovered various personality traits, and even the way he moved around. Eventually, she was able to meet him. She asked why he had left, but she wasn’t totally satisfied with his answer, and while he asked for her name, she didn’t give him her real one. In the end, she left him as she had came; a simple stranger, even if they were related. While she was satisfied at that, she was lonely. Still not trusting of humans, she began to contemplate trying to find elves.

    Oddly enough, her companionship came with a job. Tracking down a local dog fighting ring, she ended up taking one of the puppies due to its fear. While she intended to give it up, eventually she found it a suitable, and inseparable companion. Fairly content in her self-imposed solitude, she began to move around Lodoss to take in the sights. With guild permission, she was able to free lance in other cities and countries without to much difficulty, but overall she only took what would fill her her supplies while she was out in the wilds. With no real goal, Whisper is very much like her father in her wanderlust, although she has no ulterior motive of unification, or seduction.

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