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Y’ezela Bedira
Pronunciation: yeh’EHZ-ell-AH beh-DEER-ah

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Plot Search for Azala
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Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield (Listen ♫)
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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland None, Nomadic

Physical Description

    Y’ezela is a beautiful mix of elven and human blood. She has the delicate facial features of her elven side and the dark ones of her desert-bred human side. Her black hair is about shoulder length with tight curls that are well cared for. Y’ezela has a dark complexion with a sprinkling of freckles over her cheeks. Her bright green eyes are a contrast to her dark skin and seem to sparkle with vitality.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Black
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Light Green
Build Lithe Skin Color Dark Olive

Clothing and Armor

    Y’ezela wears a white silk halter top with a gold trimmed collar and a wide key hole cut in front. It’s cut to expose her midriff and is well-fitted to her form. On her arms, she wears white fingerless gloves that reach to her elbows. She wears a low-rise matching skirt that falls to mid shin and flares out for easy movement and flourishes when she dances. When performing, she wears delicate sandals with white leather straps that wrap around her legs. For traveling, she wears a pair of knee high stout boots with a leather foot and white cotton from the ankle up; the turn-downs are trimmed in gold with a piece of blue glass set in the center. She also wears a few pieces of jewelry including gold and Sapphire earrings, a pair of plain gold armbands, a couple gold bracelets, a gold and sapphire chain circlet, a gold belly chain, and a sapphire on a gold chain that hands in the keyhole of her top. Over her clothes, she wears a light gray wool cloak with a gold clasp.

Weapon Description

    Y’ezela carries a decorative dagger, which was a recent gift from her mother. The blade is curved, about six inches long, with an ornate silver curling crossguard that is decorated with carvings. The grip is wrapped with white leather, with a silvered pommel set with a large pearl. The scabbard is ivory and decorated with carvings, silver, and a few pearls. It is hung from her belt with a silver chain.

Class Bard
Occupation Wandering Bard
Weapons Curved Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Traveling supplies; clothes, toiletries and hygienic supplies, lute and a flute, bedroll, utility knife, tinderbox
Magic System Shamanist
Special Summons None
ST 7
EN 10
AG 13
IN 15
LU 13
PB 18


    Y’ezela is, as of yet, formally untrained in her shamanist abilities. She isn’t a spell caster of fighter in any respect. She is a simple performer; she sings, dances and tells stories. Y’ezela has also been reasonably educated; she can read, write and has an aptitude for poetry. She will often take old stories and retell them in her own words. Y’ezela has a very good memory and whenever she hears a new story, or finds something worthy of telling a story of, she’ll lock away in her mind until she can work with it.


    Y’ezela is an upbeat, optimistic girl. She’s very well read and well traveled, but sometimes she tends to be a bit flighty and ditsy. There is an innocence about her, but she knows she’s beautiful and often uses it to her advantage and quietly enjoys all the attention it gets her. Being alone on the road has been quite nerve wracking for her, so she would be grateful to find a friend.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Y’ezela’s mother, Mirael, was a young entrepreneur born of Haven. Mirael became a traveling merchant when she was only in her twenties and made a fortune with sharp business skills. She traveled across Lodoss with only hired bodyguards for company and the occasional wanderer needing a ride on her wagon. One such traveler was a handsome elf by the name of Azala. Mirael and Azala had a fling, and once he reached his destination, they parted ways.

    Two months later, Mirael figured out she was pregnant. She didn’t care to find Azala again, she was determined to raise her child on her own. Mirael continued her travels until late in her third trimester when she stopped in a small village in Valis and bore her daughter there. When Y’ezela was three months old, Mirael was on the road again.

    Y’ezela has spent her life traveling with her mother and learning her trade. She is very well educated and took a liking to poetry soon after she learned to read and write. When Y’ezela was fifteen, a bard began traveling with her mother for a few months. He taught her the ancient stories of wars and heroes and gods. Y’ezela surprised him when she wrote her own versions of the stories. He corrected some of the details in her rewritten versions and began teaching her to use some of his instruments. However, after some personal issues with Mirael, he left the caravan and went his own way. Mirael noticed the impression he left on her and began hiring tutors and bards to help teach her daughter music and stories. Though she was hoping Y’ezela might become a merchant herself, she encouraged her daughter’s new interest in becoming a bard.

    Y’ezela began performing at stops she made with her mother, but didn’t find her courage to set out on her own until soon after she turned twenty-two. Y’ezela has been traveling alone for less than a year now, and since her mother is traveling, it’s been hard to track her down.

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