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Pronunciation: ZOH

Forum ID Ceci Elena
Plot Hunt for Kiran
Zo original concept © lady_moryssa (Y!), revised by Z.
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Zo’s Gallery
Age 70
Birth Year NRC 460
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    Zo is almost a female version of her father, namely in color. Her blonde hair, amber eyes, and coppery skin are all reminiscent of Kiran. She is slightly taller than average and slim, but with some notable curves. She seems to be very exotic and sexy, even under elven terms. Her blonde hair is full and long, and is usually worn in a ponytail that reaches her mid back with her bangs pulled over to the right of her face.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Flaxen Blonde
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Amber
Build Slender Skin Color Dark Copper

Clothing and Armor

    Zo wears a plum bodice with lavender trim that shows off her exquisite physique. The bodice is laced with lavender strings although it seems to be more of a decoration than anything else, as it doesn’t hide much of her rather healthy bosom and back-side. Zo also wears a plum mini-skirt with lavender designs at the bottom. She wears high-heeled boots that come up to her calves and are plum, except for the heel and the turn down of the boots, which are lavender. Zo has a lavender choker.

Weapon Description

    Zo’s rapier is three and a half feet of elven steel. The crossguard is decorated with plum lacquered wood and silver. The hilt is wrapped with plum dyed leather and the pommel is set with a purple glass orb. Her sheath is made of plum died leather and matches her belt.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Adventurer, Novice Soothsayer
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, traveling bag; toiletries
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons No
ST 11
EN 7
AG 14
IN 12
LU 10
PB 14


    Zo is an accomplished shaman for her age, but it is her ability to soothsay that most unique. At her young age, the ability is weak, but it will improve with age. Currently, she occasionally has visions, but they only relate to any troubles in her recent future. She also sometimes feels a sense of foreboding if trouble is near.


    Zo is quite loquacious and is very boisterous. Discreteness is not a skill she often uses. Zo is quite vengeful and blunt, and seems to have no conscience whatsoever. She does things without remorse and follows a dark elven code of ethics. However, she refuses to kill anything (directly, at least). She is an excellent actress who is fully aware of her beauty, and uses it to her advantage, controlling men (although human men are much more susceptible to her charms).

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Quotes: “...”


    Zo comes from a long line of soothsayers that is renowned among dark elves and natives of Marmo. It is a tradition in her family for the current matriarch, in this case, her grandmother, Damia, to arrange the marriage of her daughter (or granddaughters) to a dark elven man of good character and incomparable skill when her daughter is around three hundred. Their husband is not only responsible for helping the soothsayer bear a daughter, but as a guardian. Until then, the daughter is expected to remain a virgin and train to become the next matriarch and soothsayer. However, Zo’s mother, Galinia, was seduced by Kiran when she was young.

    Galinia was only a hundred and thirty when she met Kiran, and even if she had been of an acceptable age to marry, Kiran was definitely not a match Damia approved of. It was partially an act of rebellion that brought Galinia and Kiran together. It was well and fun, up until Galinia became pregnant. She went to Kiran to insist that they run away together to avoid her mother’s wrath, but all he did was laugh and tell her it was her problem. He had no concern for his child, and after that confrontation, he left. The next year, she learned he had been banished.

    Despite her unplanned conception, Zo was welcomed into the family. Damia’s readings told her that Zo would still inherit the ability to soothsay, and she was prepared as such. Like most elves, Zo received tutelage in shamanism, and in swordplay to defend herself if the need arose. She adopted the arrogance of dark elves at an early age, and when she reached the age of fifty, she passed her coming of age rite with flying colors.

    Zo learned of her father when she was being taught her family traditions as a teenager, and she despised him for what he did to her mother. Having no father figure as a child, Zo attached herself to her mother instead. Anyone that tried to hurt Galinia would have to deal with a very pissed off Zo. She always wondered what became of him, but she never considered finding him until recently.

    As she grew older, Zo became fed up with her life. As a future soothsayer, her family was protective of her, but she wanted to see the world. Her family forbid her from leaving the forest, but Zo wasn’t one to sit back and follow rules. She plotted an escape, and eventually executed it successfully. She found her way to Salbad, then caught a ship to Kanon.

    After arriving in Kanon, Zo had a vision of meeting her father, but he was not the man she imagined. Instead of a handsome and charming rogue, he was a scarred and remorseful man seeking redemption. It seemed to her that he needed help. Against her better judgment, and driven by curiosity, Zo hit the road to find the place she had seen in her vision: a small, little known hunter’s village in Kanon.

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