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Alina Rose
Pronunciation: ah-LEEN-ah ROWS

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Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Alina Rose is five foot and six inches, slim and curvaceous. She has long golden blonde hair and darkly tanned skin. Her hair falls to the back of her knees and is usually in a long, thin ponytail. On her upper arm she has a purple tattoo. Her eyes are blue, framed with thin brows and long, thick lashes.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Golden Blonde
Weight 122lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Hourglass Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Alina Rose wears a purple bikini—a top and bottom—covered by a skirt that hangs off her hips at an angle. The skirt is purple with darker designs that resemble the tattoo on her arm, and it is held on by a thick black belt that crosses her right hip to her left thigh. On the opposite side, she has a gold hoop belt and reveals the side of her bikini bottoms. On her head she wears a purple bandanna. For shoes, she wears a pair of sandals with purple laces. She also wears a few pieces of jewelry including two matching gold bracelets and green beaded bracelets on either wrist; a necklace with a gold chain wrapped around her neck twice and a green pendant; and a pair of gold earrings with anchors on them.

Weapon Description

    Alina’s small knife is one of the best weapon she fight with. The blade of the knife is sharp and is very clean. She also has an oak bow that is two and a half feet long.

Occupation Pirate, Bard
Weapons Small Knife, Bow, Quiver of Arrows
Armor None
Equipment Backpack; fiddle, clothing, hairbrush, Jewelry
ST 12
EN 13
AG 12
IN 12
LU 13
PB 13




    Alina Rose is mix between powerful and calm. She knows when to shut up and act respectably to other people. She is innocent, romantic, and she loves daydreaming. She enjoys swimming in water and likes eating fish.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “Can we really solve over problem by fighting?”, “I like walking around the place in my swimsuit!”, “The only reason why I wear purple all the time is because I miss my lost love."”


    Alina was born in a Valis village to a woman named Alex. Alex met an adventurer named Shidron Rose and they traveled Lodoss together until Shidron decided to go his own way and leave Alex. She went back home, and she began to realize that something wasn’t right with her. Week after week, her stomach started to get bigger. She soon realized she was pregnant. When she give birth to her baby girl, she named her Alina Rose.

    Two years later, Shidron returned to Alex’s village and was surprised to see that Alex had bore his child. At first he could not believed that the little girl with golden blonde hair and big blue eyes was his child. Shidron did what he believed to be the right thing, and married Alex. But raising a child only made it harder for Alex and Shidron to rekindle their passion. Over time, they became bitter, but still stayed together for Alina. Shidron came to love his daughter, but he never truly loved his wife, and had been unfaithful at times.

    Alina’s parents gave her all they could, but their disdain for each other was hard on her. Shidron taught her some basic fighting skills, and how to use a bow. However, the fighting between her parents often made her too angry to want to train with him.

    One day, when she was sixteen, a bard passed through town. His name was Abel, and he played at the local inn that night. Alina was in love. The next day, she spoke to Abel, and they got to know each other. He was interested in her and sympathized with her problems at home. Soon, they had concocted a plan for her to run away with him. Late that night, Alina packed her bags and sneaked out of her house, then met Abel at the edge of town. The couple ran away, never to return.

    For the next few years, they traveled from town to town as Abel preformed his craft. In time, Alina learned to sing, dance, and play the fiddle. Abel loved the way the color purple looked on her, so she began to wear the color constantly. She even got a purple tattoo on her arm. With the dangers of the road, Alina improved on the skills her father taught her to defend herself. They planned to marry one day, but they were just enjoying life before they settled down.

    Two years after the wars ended and Marmo became a duchy of Flaim, Abel and Alina went to the island for the first time, but they never reached their destination. Their ferry was attacked by pirates off the coast of Marmo. When the pirates boarded the ship, they rounded up the crew and passengers and let them decide to either join the pirate crew, or die. Abel and Alina opted to join the crew.

    They spent the next year working on the pirate ship. Alina could defend herself from the advances of the crew, and Abel watched her back. They wanted to get back to land, but they rarely had a chance. After a year, tragedy struck, Abel was killed in a battle with another ship. Alina was devastated, but she had no choice but to keep working for her own survival. Eventually, she began to get comfortable with the pirating lifestyle, as she had no where else to go without Abel.

    Two years later, a new woman came on board. She joined the crew in Raiden, and was a half-elf named Anisa Amri. Alina immediately connected to the new female crew mate, even though Anisa was much older than she was. Anisa had ulterior motives to joining the crew, what she really wanted was to captain her own ship, and maybe one day start a fleet. Aside from that, she wanted to make her officers in the crew all female. Alina agreed to help, since she wasn’t exactly fond of the captain herself. However, when Anisa tried to mutiny, even with all her shamanist skills, she failed against the large crew. Or perhaps she simply gave up? Anisa and Alina escaped by jumping overboard. They were far from land, and Alina was afraid that they would drown, but Anisa used her shamanist magic to help them reach a small island nearby.

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