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Pronunciation: Ē-lē-AHN-nah

Forum ID Princess Elianna
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Age 16
Birth Year NRC 514
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Elianna has her father’s blue-green eyes and her mother’s purpler shade of hair. While Fianna’s hair is wavy, Elianna’s is rather straight, and cut in a very un-princess-like fashion. A short, near-shoulder length bob with thick, face framing bangs is more befitting the rogue Elianna would rather be. Her facial features take a little from both her parents, and her figure isn’t quite as delicate as her mother’s. Elianna has a lean build, with some curves that may fill out further as she gets older.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Dark Purple (Black)
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Blue-Green
Build Average Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    While in the castle, Elianna is stuck wearing gowns from a large wardrobe, but she’d like nothing better than to slip into her rogue’s outfit every night. This outfit includes a sleeve-less white tunic that fits like a short dress over a pair of fitted black shorts. Over her tunic, she wears a short leather vest that laces up the front. A pair of leather gloves, knee-high leather boots, and a long, brown hooded cloak complete the ensemble. For jewelry, she wears a gold armband, a gold circlet set with an aquamarine stone and pearl drop, and a pair of gold earrings.

Weapon Description

    Elianna keeps a pair of long daggers sheathed behind her back. The blades are about twelve inches long and unremarkable. The hilts are wrapped in blue leather.

Class Nobility
Occupation Princess, wanna-be-rogue
Guild Membership None
Weapons 2 Long Daggers
Armor Leather Vest
Equipment Deck of cards, pair of dice, purse full of winnings
Horse No
ST 8
EN 9
AG 13
IN 13
LU 17
PB 14


    Elianna was taught to be graceful from an early age. However, she tends to employ most of that grace escaping the castle these days. She was never formally trained in the use of weapons, but figured it out on her own with a couple of daggers she acquired. Elianna rarely has the need to use them, but they’re always on her, just in case.


    Elianna is an adventurous young girl who seems completely out of place in her station. Being the daughter of a hero and king isn’t as fun as it sounds, and Elianna finds that being protected in a palace is suffocating. Though well-educated, the process of learning bored Elianna to tears. She is a risk taker and a gambler, and will do anything to feel that rush that tells her that life is really worth living. Despite the fact that her favorite past time is gambling (especially in card games), she doesn’t play for the prizes. She is wealthy as a princess and couldn’t really care less for the winnings themselves. Much of the money she wins, she donates anonymously to local temples. Cha Za, the god of luck, is her patron god.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    The second born child to Etoh and Fianna, Elianna was expected to grow up into a dignified lady like her mother. Her elder brother, Itoya, was expected to succeed his father as king of Valis, but there were less grand goals in mind for Elianna. Well-educated from early in her childhood, Elianna has several potential futures available to her. She could have become a cleric, but that never interested her much. She could become a scholar or a diplomat, but the most useful potential of a princess or second born heir is their marriageability.

    As Elianna grew older though, she had developed a restless spirit. Despite the opportunities available to her, none of them called to her because none of them gave enough freedom. Long-winded lectures on history were boring, instruction on etiquette were tedious, and her entire life was dull and uneventful. For her safety and the kingdom’s, she was never allowed to leave the palace without good reason and escorts.

    When she was fourteen, she came across some palace guards playing a game of cards in a courtyard. After she begged to play, they allowed her to join them and taught her how to play. Much to their surprise, the young princess won nearly every hand. The next day, they played again. The guards tried to win back their money, but the princess’s luck was far better than their own. Rumor of the games made it back to the barracks and more guards tried their luck against the princess. Elianna was having the time of her life. She didn’t care how much she won, it was the thrill of the game that made it worthwhile.

    Unfortunately, the rumor spread too far. Eventually, one of the captains found out, and the gambling was reported to her tutors, who in turn reported it to her father. Etoh lectured Elianna on what was proper and improper for a princess to do, and that gambling was a bane on society. Elianna repaid all her winnings the guards—who were banned from fraternizing with her from then on—and was forbidden from keeping cards, dice, and any gambling paraphernalia. Despite the rules, however, one of the guards secretly gave her a deck of cards, which she hid in a very secure place.

    For a few months, Elianna was miserable. Having a little taste of excitement made her boredom even more excruciating. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the guards to play with her again. She began to fantasize about slipping into the city one night and exploring, but as time went on, it started to seem possible. With a bit of pilfered plain cloth, she started to make an inconspicuous outfit that she could wear in the city. In the meantime, she explored the grounds of the palace to find a good escape route.

    Finally ready, Elianna slipped out of the palace one night. She snuck around the city like a thief, avoiding the city guard, until she came across an tavern where games were being played. She introduced herself as an adventurer named Elayne and joined in a game of cards. Her luck was good that first night, and she stayed out until just before dawn. She snuck back into the palace and went to bed.

    This routine kept up for a little over a week, but as she started sleeping her days away, people became concerned and suspicious. One of these people was her brother, Itoya. He offered Elianna a spell to help her sleep, but it didn’t seem to have an effect. He assumed she had to be up to something at night, so he spied on her one night. After she went to bed, he hid in the hall outside her room. It didn’t take more than a couple hours for her to sneak out of her quarters dressed in common clothes. Itoya didn’t reveal himself immediately, but instead he followed her to a tavern. It wasn’t until she took a break after a few hands of cards that he finally confronted her. He was only able to get her to come home after threatening to tell their father.

    When they returned to the palace, Elianna explained why she was sneaking out and eventually was able to win her brother over. Itoya promised not to tell her father, but in return, she couldn’t leave without him to protect her. So, Itoya reluctantly became his sister’s partner in crime. Though Etoh is oblivious to their escapades, Fianna found out eventually. However, Elianna’s story won her over too, and Fianna allowed them to continue, so long as Itoya was with her. Fianna even seems to enjoy hearing Elianna’s tales, as if she is trying to live vicariously through her daughter.

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